Article: Talking with Piers about Non-Duality

Yoga TotnesAt the Family Ashtanga Camp this year I remember our chai walla – Piers (right) talking around the fire. He was responding to Cheryl who’d asked him about his yoga practice. She seemed curious as to why he had not been to many of the ashtanga yoga classes. Piers said that his practice these days was more with the Jnana path rather than with the Hatha one. This intrigued her…

Recently Piers wrote an article for the Elephant Journal, which was inspired by the teachings of Jnana yoga, in particular Mooji. He titled his article ‘How many yoga teachers do you know who ask the big questions?‘. Piers has also been in discussion with Being Ordinary about his experiences with Mooji, and his understanding of non-duality. I thought I would link it here incase there is an appetite for hearing more about Piers’ response around the camp fire.

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