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Ashtanga Yoga Timetable at Kush Yoga, Ashburton

Michael is away through Autumn 2016.

Class Descriptions

Self Practice

Otherwise known as Mysore-Style, refers to the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga whereby practitioners go through a sequence (primary, intermediate, advanced) at their own pace with the teacher offering one-to-one adjustments to enhance postures, as opposed to leading from the front.

Ashtanga Led

Refers to a dynamic sequence based on the ashtanga yoga primary series, which is a therapeutic system made up of about 70 postures all linked by flowing vinyasas. The  Led classes are designed to strengthen and detoxify the body, beginning with sun salutations, the class moves through a series of standing postures, then seated postures, culminating in backbends before the finishing sequence like shoulder and headstand.



60 mins


90 mins


120 mins


Multi-Class Packs







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Kush Yoga

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