Michael leads the community of ashtanga yoga practitioners in Ashburton, Totnes and around South Devon. He has studied Ashtanga Yoga for 12 years and benefits from the strength, stability, and flexibility the practice has given him over time. His own experience of overcoming physical and emotional obstacles inspires him to take a therapeutic approach to Ashtanga yoga in the spirit of its originators Sri K.Pattabhi Jois and Sri T.Krishnamacharya. Michael leads Mysore Style Self-Practice classes and Open Led classes.

I am indebted to many teachers and practitioners with whom I have studied Yoga. Hamish Hendry for creating an environment where the practice could develop in me, and for his ongoing direction and supervision. Paddy McGrath for her playfulness and insights of other practices, Gaby Pascoli for the opportunity to begin teaching, and Paul Dallaghan for the inspiration to begin practicing in the first place. 

Michael Wood AshtangaMichael has lived in India for four years and has been influenced by meditation practice in the Vipassana tradition, and is also a keen student of psychology and has undertaken further study in Integrative Psychotherapy with the Metanoia Institute.

At the heart of yoga, meditation and psychotherapy are moments of depth. Moments that make life feel more than the sum of it’s parts, and that help me cultivate a sense of belonging to something rich, meaningful, and fulfilling.I want to share this experience with those that come to practice yoga.